Saturday 10 p.m. (CST)

ST. LOUIS (Feb. 23) — Holston delegates wrapped up a first day of General Conference that was filled with prayer, followed by an orientation session.

“Hearing the prayers in the different languages was a reminder of Pentecost,” said the Rev. Sandra Johnson. “Although I didn’t understand all that was being said, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as we prayed to God.”

The Rev. Tim Jones, communications director, also experienced a presence of the Holy Spirit, which he described in tonight’s e-news. “At that that moment, I saw a picture of what the Church was supposed to look like.”

Becky Hall said she was “thrilled” to learn that a professional parliamentarian will serve during this General Conference. “He was very impressive as he prepared us for procedures of how to navigate the petitions. I think he will be a big help.”

Here are more photos from today: