Sunday 3:35 p.m. (CST)

ST. LOUIS (Feb. 24) — This afternoon, delegates prioritized legislation. “Expect to see votes designed to judge the priority which should be given to differing pieces of legislation,” explains the Rev. Wil Cantrell in his blog. “This will provide a bellwether for which plans and petitions have the most chance of eventual passage.”

Photos below: (1) Left to right: Holston delegates Del Holley, Becky Hall, John Tate, and Wil Cantrell during a break this afternoon. (2) Far right: Bishop Dindy Taylor sits with other bishops during delegate voting.

Voting results: (1) Wespath Recommendations – Pension Liabilities and CRS (2) Traditional Plan (3) Disaffiliation – Taylor (4) Disaffiliation – Boyette (5) One Church Plan (6) Disaffiliation – Ottjes (7) Retain Paragraph 161.G (8) A Simple Plan (9) A Traditional Way Forward with Enhanced Enforcement (10) A Graceful Exit as a Way Forward (11) Inclusiveness, 90082 (12) Human Sexuality (13) Inclusiveness, 90087 (14) Connectional Conference Plan (15) Abeyace of Trust Enforcement (16) Marriage (17) Chargeable Offenses (18) Definition of Gender (19) Interpretation of Fidelity in Marriage for Deacons (20) Fully Inclusive Way Forward (21) Replace Paragraph 161.G (22) One New Discipline Plan (23) Sexual Practices

We’ll provide more explanatory information soon.