Thursday, Feb. 28

ALCOA, Tenn. (9:15 p.m., Feb. 28) — We’ve got a lot wrap-ups to share with you, and so many ideas about what what we need to do beyond that.

A short time ago, Holston Conference released its summary, along with The United Methodist Church’s Official Statement.

“While we passed the Traditional Plan, it also became clear much of this material was not fully prepared to be in compliance with our constitution or supported by the committee on central conferences.” Read the Holston email.

Here are United Methodist News Service wrap-up stories:

“Beneath the Arch that symbolizes the U.S. Gateway to the West, more than 820 General Conference delegates worked to open a gateway in the denomination’s longtime homosexuality debate.” Read GC2019 maps uncertain way forward

“United Methodists tried to come to terms with a General Conference that was meant to unify but instead underscored divisions and had all sides acknowledging a high level of pain.” Read Conflict defines General Conference aimed at unity

Here are wrap-ups from the Rev. Wil Cantrell, delegate and associate pastor at Concord UMC:

Final reflections: Existential threats and a pathway to peace

A letter to my fellow United Methodists

We are working on sharing with you words our pastors are saying to their communities to convince them they are still welcome, despite the possibility of new rules.

We are assigning “reporters” to each of our nine districts for 3/3 @ 3 p.m. These district gatherings will be held Sunday, March 3, for sharing of worship and information. See locations by district.

We are talking to the local media — trying to share accurate information and reinforce our mission.

We are looking for ways to “see all the people” and represent all the voices in our beautiful Holston Conference.

More is coming soon. In the meantime, here is a prayer shared by the Rev. Don Hanshew with Holstonians who were present in St. Louis, moments after General Conference adjourned. See video below: