Monday 10:25 p.m. (CST)

Holston delegates Becky Hall (above, left) and Carol Wilson take notes during today’s session.

ST. LOUIS (Feb. 25) — Some believed that God’s will had been done. Others were shocked, sad, or angry.

Day 3 at General Conference resulted in delegates voting to place the Traditional Plan and two disaffiliation petitions on tomorrow’s plenary schedule for final consideration. The One Church Plan and Simple Plan were defeated in the Legislative Committee.

“Today was a long and emotional day,” said Holston delegate Becky Hall. “It was hard knowing of the range of feelings at various times in the room and the struggle to maintain a calm atmosphere.”

Hall added: “The chair of the legislative committee, Joe Harris, did a phenomenal job of leading us all day. He must be exhausted.”

Delegate Sandra Johnson said: “Today left me anxious about tomorrow. Yet, I remain hopeful, for God is and will be with us.”

Soon after adjournment of the challenging day, delegate Wil Cantrell pounded out his daily blog with explanations of what happened today and what’s expected tomorrow.

“There was a request for the Judicial Council to give a declaratory decision on the constitutionality of all the plans coming before the plenary session Tuesday,” Cantrell wrote. “This request passed and, most likely, we will hear the decision of the Judicial Council tomorrow morning.”

Cantrell also referred to the deep emotions and disappointments of the day, as did this United Methodist News Service story: Key votes prompt anguish, satisfaction

“There are a lot of crestfallen faces,” said John Hannifan, an observer from Memorial United Methodist Church in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. “The sun might come out tomorrow but it’s a dark day.”

“If you can change our covenant, then you can change it,” said the Rev. Rob Renfro, president of the traditionalist advocacy group Good News. “But if not, then you have to live by it, or then the church has to enforce it.”

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